Smart Automation of your sweet home!

  Smartomation of your Sweet Home!!! Home, the word that makes us feel something very much ours, our world with our own people. It is the place where there is love, affection, care and most important attachment. Hence we not only look for good home but we also try our best to make it beautiful, to make it look awesome. We try to implement minute things while renovating it. We try to think from every person's choice, their need while making interior. We also try to give best possible comfort to our family members. Smart means we are talking here about comfort, safety, luxury, technology,  imparting  knowledge , implementing latest ideas and enjoyment!  Making home automated makes it more comfortable!  Various elements of home automation makes it more safer to live. To live luxurious life is our all time dream. Home Automation makes it happen in reality. Advanced technology is key of Smart Home Automation.   As we are in 21st century, we are in the world where knowledge is easier to

Industrial Internet of Things - IIoT

What is IoT? IoT is Internet of Things!!! Inter-networking of Things. What are these things? Things are any devices which you can touch physically. OK! Let us understand in exact words. IoT is connecting your physical devices in the network and bring their information on your handhelds or computers in the easy to understand form. Just to get a right feel, here is the simple example. We had always been driving vehicles with a hidden worry whether our vehicles' Tyre pressures are within limits or not. Because it's a threat if suddenly Tyre temperature shoots up or it gets punctured it may lead to accidents. What if we can be notified on our mobiles about this major change in Tyre pressure? That's IoT!!! Vehicle's Tyre act as Things i.e. Physical devices. And their parameters like temperature, pressure can be seen and notified on our mobiles.  This world where the information about Things is read from sensors or controllers connected to physical things and data